Introduction to Computer Science through Game Design - Ready Maker
15 Hours35 Mins
You're holding the key to Ready and Unity. It unlocks the secrets of a place as big - or small - as your imagination. Make a game, a world, a story - whatever you want.
Along the way, you'll learn powerful concepts that control all computers. Things like conditional statements, cloning, classes, memory, physics engines, and much more. Normally it takes years to learn these ideas, typically after you've mastered a computer language, like C or Javascript.
With Ready and Unity Learn, you'll build your own games and experience these ideas without having to learn a computer language right away. You'll be initiated into a world that, until now, only computer programmers have been permitted to experience. When you decide to jump on to next step and learn C#, the odds are you'll be a lot better at it because you'll already know many of the advance concepts well ahead of learning the syntax of a computer language.
We're Ready!
Are you?