Learning Coding and Computer Science Concepts through Game Design - Ready Maker for Unity
6 Hours50 Mins
You're holding the key to coding with Ready and Unity. It unlocks the secrets of a place as big - or small- as your imagination.
With Ready, you'll build your own games and experience these ideas without learning a computer language, just yet. You'll be initiated into a world that, until now, only computer programmers have been permitted to experience. This is your first step to becoming that computer programmer, you'll be a lot better because you will have already learned many of the advance concepts of programming well ahead of learning the syntax of a computer language.
Learn the basics of programming in Unity, the world’s most popular professional game development engine, before learning C#. Normally with Unity you would need to know C#, in Ready you will use a "visual coding language" that doesn’t require any coding experience. Think of Ready as a powerpoint onto Unity.
Now let's get started on our coding journey...
Are you Ready?
Recommended Unity versions
2017.1 and Above
Topics we'll cover