Streaming Lab
Sandbox: Navigate Around the Scene
30 Mins
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Welcome to your first module! This module is divided into two labs: a Sandbox Lab and a Challenge Lab.
In the Sandbox Lab, you'll learn how to navigate around Unity's editor and maneuver in a 3D space.
In the Challenge Lab, you'll learn about GameObjects, the basic building blocks of a Unity project, and how to manipulate them to create a 3D scene.
Let's dive in! If you've never used Unity's Editor before, review the graphic below to familiarize yourself with the different windows of the interface.
Recommended Unity versions
Topics we'll cover
Sandbox: Navigate Around the Scene
Streaming Lab
This tutorial contains a Streaming Lab
The Streaming Lab takes 2-5 minutes to load. Launch the Lab to load it in a new tab, and return to continue this tutorial. When you get to the Streaming Lab step, your Lab should be ready. Note that you have 15 minutes to return to your Lab before you have to reload it.
Streaming Labs are currently in Beta and optimized for North American usage.