Antonio Alonso Hernandez
Hace más de 30 años empecé en esto de crear videojuegos y aquí sigo. Mi intención es crear juegos de calidad para dispositivos Android, PC y XBox One. Ofreciendo a los jugadores una experiencia de juego muy buena.
Madrid, Spain
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Foundations: Get started with Unity
This Mission will guide you from first install to creating your first Unity projects to play and share with others. Whether you've never downloaded Unity before, or you've begun tinkering but aren't sure where to start your learning, you're in the right place. In this Mission, you’ll: Install the Unity Editor for the first time. Explore the Unity Editor using a new user Microgame. Identify and use essential features of the Unity Editor. Navigate in 3D space in the Scene view. Create and manipulate GameObjects. Create and manage Scenes. Create and manage projects in the Unity Hub. Build and share a project on Unity Learn. Identify the key elements of the Unity Learn ecosystem, and their purpose. By the end of this Mission, you will have the skills you need to begin using the Unity Editor, the resources of Unity’s Learning Ecosystem, and the Unity Hub. These skills are essential for all Unity creators. Already know this material? You can "test out" of this mission by completing the mission assessments. Scroll down and select Skip to mission checkpoint.
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Real-time Industry Essentials
Scene Building Essentials
Creating and Managing Unity projects
Unity Editor Essentials
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