Arjun Kapoor
Hi! I'm Arjun, a game developer from India, and I've been making games since I was 19. I have undergraduated from DIT University studying Computer Science & Engineering. I have a strong perseverance for learning new things and taking on challenges. I've always been extremely curious in the technical side of games, and this curiosity has led me to follow my passion of making games. And I am really happy about it since I love what I do and that matters to me the most. Apart from this my hobbies include watching football, cricket and F1, playing games like Chess, CSGO, FIFA, PUBG & Fortnite. I also like to play Ukulele. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me :)
Bareilly, India
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Programming Basics
Welcome to Programming Basics! This first mission in the Junior Programmer pathway will provide you with the core foundation needed to create a wide range of digital experiences in Unity. You’ll learn about fundamental programming concepts such as variables, functions and basic logic through two practical projects. You’ll also modify a script to customize a simple Unity experience: the beginning of your personal portfolio. Key details This mission will take you approximately 14 hours to complete. Take it at your own pace — you’ll receive XP each step of the way. Connect with the Unity community as you learn and check the Live calendar for follow-along practical sessions with Unity established creators. When you’ve finished the mission, you’ll get the Programming Basics badge for your profile and portfolio. Already know this material? You can "test out" of this mission by completing the mission assessments. Scroll down and select Skip to mission checkpoint.
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Creating and Managing Unity projects
Unity Editor Essentials
Writing basic code
Debugging basic code
Simple code editing and comprehension
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