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Create with Code 2 Live: Become a Jr. Programmer

12 Hours
Create with Code is one of our largest and longest running live series and we are so happy to finally bring you “Create with Code 2”. This 4 week learning series will guide you on the second half of the Jr. Programmer pathway setting you up to take certification exams and build your portfolio for the job market. Join us Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from November 15 til December 10, 2021 and take your Unity Programming skills to the next level.
Project Objective
In this project you will complete Mission 3 and Mission 4 of the Junior Programmer Pathway and ready yourself to begin hunting for Jr. Programmer positions!
In this live series you'll learn about
  • Real-time 3D experience design
  • Version Control
  • Principles of object-oriented programming
  • Data persistence between scenes and sessions
  • Portfolio preparation

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Last updated: October 28, 2021