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Unity Learn Platform General Questions
What version of Unity should I use to complete the Unity Learn tutorials, projects, and courses?
I created a Unity project while completing a Unity Learn project or course. How do I share my project for feedback?
I need help completing a tutorial. What should I do?
I was looking for a specific tutorial or project, but it is no longer available. Why was it removed?
Can I post my own Unity tutorial or Project to Unity Learn?
How do I view and share a Mission badge?
Do Learn Mission and Pathway badges expire?
How do I earn XP? Can I do anything with the XP?
How do I find the content that I’ve saved, started, or completed?
Can I use assets from the Unity Learn tutorials in a Unity project that I intend to distribute or sell?
What are the community guidelines for posting comments in Unity Learn Tutorials? Why was my comment removed? How do I report violations of these guidelines?
I think there is a mistake in a Unity Learn tutorial. How do I report this to Unity?
How do I earn badges? How do I complete a Mission or a Pathway?
How do I claim, view, and share a Pathway badge?
Will you be adding more Pathways and Missions to Learn?
Is the My Learning dashboard visible to others?
Create with Code Live
Will Create with Code be offered again as a live course?
Do I need to use a microphone or camera to participate in live learning?