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Creating a Sustainable Farming Training Experience with Zoe

+60 XP
3 Hours50 Mins
For Educators
"Zoe for Unity" is a no-code plugin allowing you to create interactive VR experiences. In this tutorial we are going to reproduce an ancient and sustainable planting system called the “Three Sisters”.
Scenario: You find yourself in an abandoned farm. Some objects and structures of a native tribe remain there. You see a sign with a diagram called “The Legend of the three sisters” and a box on a wooden bench . As you discover what is inside the box you realise you will have to wake up the spirit of the three sisters by reproducing an ancient system of planting that will bring back life to your farm.
Project Objective
Unity skills:
  • Scale and place objects properly in a scene.
  • Manage and organize Game Objects in the Hierarchy window.
  • Create a Terrain inside Unity and use Trees to populate it.
  • Set up lights in a scene.
Zoe plugin:
  • Event based programming with Zoe condition/action system.
UX design:
  • Guide a user inside VR
  • Tips for making a comfortable VR experience.
  • About feedbacks in VR.
  • Learn about sustainable agriculture, specifically about the "Three Sisters" system.
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Last updated: December 18, 2020
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