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Navigation Meshes

+60 XP
1 Hour5 Mins
In this project you will be introduced to navigation meshes and learn to use them in a game environment to move characters between goals. You will develop AI algorithms that command characters to find the path between their current location and destination using the navigation mesh as the waypoint system. The waypoint mecanics in the previous section will be reworked to use a navigation mesh rather than predefined straight lines between points. This will make for more dynamic and intelligent appearing non-player characters.
Project Objective
  • Explain the concept of a navigation mesh and how it can be used in a game environment for character movement.
  • Develop a waypoint system on a navigation mesh and program an AI to move from one goal location to another.
  • Demonstrate the setup of a navigation mesh agent and describe the elements that provide differentiation between agents.
  • Develop an AI that will follow the player around a game environment that has had a navigation mesh applied."
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Last updated: January 29, 2020
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