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Unity x LEGO® Live Learning Series

+60 XP
4 Hours
Join us for the Unity x LEGO® Live Learning Series to get tips and tricks from Unity and LEGO design experts on how to customize your LEGO® Microgame to build a creative play experience that matches your interests.
After you register, join the community discussion group to interact with fellow creators and remember to share your game to showcase your learning.
If you haven’t downloaded the LEGO® Microgame yet, you can get started here.
This series consists of four weekly, one-hour live sessions at 9:00 am PT starting Monday, November 9, with the last session on Monday, November 30. Sessions will be recorded and posted in each corresponding tutorial below.
Project Objective
As a participant in the Unity x LEGO® Live Learning Series, I will:
  • Implement Mods in my own LEGO® Microgame, making creative choices as I do so that I can better create a player experience that matches my interests and design intentions.
  • For example: adding a custom enemy, changing the player Minifigure
  • Consolidate my understanding of Unity core concepts and basic functionality, so that I can more confidently continue my learning journey with Unity.
  • Share my work with others, so that I can get a wide range of feedback and continue to iterate and create.
  • For example: submitting for community feedback and potentially receiving feedback during a live session
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Last updated: December 02, 2020