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Getting Started with Unity Monetization

30 Mins
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Monetization of your Unity project through ads is a great way to generate revenue without charging your customers directly. A successful free ad-supported game will bring in many times the asking price of an ad-free game that must be purchased outright. Though Unity Ads is one of the Unity Services, it is not in the default Unity package and must be downloaded from the Asset Store.
When you first enable Unity Services for a project, you are asked to assign the project to an organization. By default, your account has one organization: your user name. Organization names must be unique. You can add (but not currently delete) more names, or rename an account at will, as long as the proposed new name is available. You might wish to have one organization for your solo projects, and one for your team.
Ads are shown in designated placement zones in your project. Rather than a literal scene or GameObject, a placement zone is just a mode defining how your players can interact with ads. Options include muting the audio and if or when they can skip the ad. For example, you wouldn’t want players to have the ability to skip a lucrative rewarded video. All projects in the Dashboard begin with two placement zones, video and rewardedVideo, for regular and incentivized video ads.
Recommended Unity versions
2017.1 and Above
Topics we'll cover
Getting Started with Unity Monetization
Getting Started with Unity Monetization