Installing the PiXYZ Plugin
20 Mins
Installing and activating the PiXYZ Plugin is quick and easy. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the PiXYZ Plugin and activate your license.
Recommended Unity Versions
2018.4 and Above
Installing the PiXYZ Plugin
Installing the PiXYZ Plugin
Installing the PiXYZ plugin is relatively painless. The PiXYZ Plugin gives access to the PiXYZ toolset for importing, tessellating, and decimating patch-based CAD files and high-polygon Meshes into a format that’s usable for real-time graphics in desktop, mobile, VR, and AR applications. In addition to import and optimization, the PiXYZ Plugin offers data correction, such as reorienting normals and assisted or automatic staging. The plugin is not capable of export, nor does it handle point cloud data. For those, you’ll need PiXYZ Studio.
  • Download the PiXYZ Plugin from
  • In the Unity Editor, from the Assets dropdown, select Import Asset > Custom Package (Figure 01).
  • Navigate to where you saved the .unitypackage file, click it to select, and click Open.
  • A window will appear with all components of PiXYZ4Unity selected for import. Click Import to finish importing the PiXYZ plugin (Figure 02).
  • Notice that there’s now a PiXYZ entry in the menu bar (Figure 03). Most of PiXYZ’s functions are accessed via this menu.

Activating your PiXYZ Plugin License
If PiXYZ isn’t currently licensed on your machine, you’ll be prompted the first time you attempt to import a file. To install your license:
  • From the PiXYZ dropdown, select License Manager (Figure 04).
  • Click the Online tab. (Figure 05)
  • Enter your PiXYZ account login details. The field labeled Username is actually expecting the e-mail address associated with your PiXYZ account. Click Connect (Figure 06).
  • The login fields should now be replaced with your license information. If you’ve previously installed and removed a license on this machine, click Reinstall.
  • Close the PiXYZ License manager window.

PiXYZ Plugin is now licensed and ready to use.