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Introduction to Digital Twins with Unity

+10 XP
30 Mins
In this tutorial, you'll master the essentials of digital twins, from their foundational concepts to their real-world applications across industries. Then, you'll put theory into action by creating a simple digital twin in Unity, simulating a fire scenario to test emergency responses with AI-driven characters.
By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to do the following:
  • Define the concept of digital twins and their relevance across various industries.
  • Explain the significance and benefits of utilizing digital twins in different applications.
  • Describe the high-level process of creating an example of a digital twin from start to finish.
  • Create a simple simulation on a digital model to demonstrate the power of real-time 3D technology in the creation of digital twins.
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Last updated: April 08, 2024
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Introduction to Digital Twins with Unity