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Monetization solution providers

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20 Mins
In the previous tutorial you explored Free-to-play revenue tactics. In this tutorial we will be exploring some of the key partners and solutions to take note of in your monetization efforts. There’s more than just you, your game, your players, and advertisers willing to pay you.
To truly set yourself up for success, having a basic knowledge of your options and how to evaluate them will be critical.
At the most basic level, an IAP plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate purchasing in your game, while ad networks allow you to sell ad space in your game at scale. There are other middlemen in the industry such as ad mediators, who help you manage several ad networks.
We’ll take a deeper look at your options in this section, as well as provide some guidance in evaluating what you should consider trying out, and who you should consider partnering with based on your game and your goals.
In this tutorial you'll:
  • Examine and evaluate the different monetization 3rd party solution providers
  • Distinguish the differences between native and paid 3rd party IAP plugins
  • Investigate what to consider when selecting ad networks
  • Compare different Ad mediator solutions
  • Examine what to consider when measuring efficacy of analytics providers
  • Reflect on the easiest ways to monetize a new game
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Last updated: November 01, 2022
Monetization solution providers