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Create with VR

+900 XP
30 Hours
For Educators
Educator Plan
Educators who want to bring this curriculum into their classroom should refer to Create with VR for Educators.
Designed for post-secondary and K-12 educators at accredited academic institutions teaching Unity in the classroom, the Unity Educator plan provides you with free access to the same real-time 3D development tools used by professionals to support your students.
Included in this plan are Unity Pro, cloud-based collaboration, cloud build, free Unity assets, and much more!
Learning outcome
In this introductory course, students will use Unity to learn the fundamentals of designing and developing Virtual Reality (VR) applications. During the course, they will create several prototypes along with the instructor, attempt challenges, and complete quizzes along the way to solidify and expand their new knowledge. At the same time, students will be guided through creating their own unique VR project from start to finish, beginning with a blank design document and ending with a fully functional project. By the end of the course, students will have the confidence that, given enough time and resources, they can bz0xring any idea to life in VR.
Learning objectives
Virtual Reality Skills:
  • Students will gain a foundational knowledge of building VR projects in Unity and will feel confident that they can implement new features on their own with this knowledge.
Unity Skills:
  • Students will have the confidence that, given enough time and resources, they could create anything they want in Unity.
Project Management:
  • As students create their own personal projects, they will learn to manage the process from start to finish: outlining their concept, setting project milestones, and tracking progress.
Unity Certified User Exam:
  • Should they choose, students will have the skills and confidence to pass the Unity Certified User: VR Developer exam, earning an official certificate validating their skills.
Standards alignment
The skills in this course align with the learning objectives from the Unity Certified User: VR Developer exam, preparing them for certification, as well as the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards.
See the Standards Alignment document in the resources below.
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Create with VR
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