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Getting started with Plastic SCM

+60 XP
55 Mins
Plastic SCM is a source control (also known as version control) application that’s integrated with the Unity Editor. When you’re collaborating with others on a Unity project, or even keeping track of multiple changes on a solo project, source control is a valuable project management tool.
In these tutorials, you’ll learn the basics of Plastic SCM Cloud Edition and the Plastic SCM interface in the Unity Editor. You’ll learn how to perform common source control functions, and gain access to more resources for learning more.
Project Objective
By the end of this learning project you will be able to:
  • Use the Plastic SCM window inside the Unity Editor.
  • Install the Plastic SCM client application.
  • Create a Plastic SCM workspace and repository.
  • Check in Plastic SCM changesets.
  • Invite collaborators to work in you Plastic SCM repository.
  • Update your workspace with a collaborator’s changes.
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Last updated: October 25, 2022