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The Mathematics of AI

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2 Hours15 Mins
In this project, you will learn about the fundamental mathematics used in moving characters around in a game environment. You will follow along as geometry and trigonometry is used to develop methods that move and turn game characters. With these techniques you'll put together an auto-navigating character that represents the basis of the simple artificial intelligence used in developing non-player characters. In doing this you will discover the mathematics behind some of Unity's most used Vector and Angle manipulating methods.
Project Objective
  • Discuss the fundamental mathematics used in developing artificial intelligence for game characters.
  • Understand the importance of vectors to game mechanics
  • Determine the angles between vectors for use in facing one game object toward another.
  • Explain the use of the dot product and cross product in working with angles.
  • Develop a game character that can auto-navigate towards a goal location in a game environment.
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Last updated: September 16, 2022
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