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Unity Essentials Live: March 22 - April 1, 2021

+300 XP
3 Hours
In this live series you will get up and running with Unity and gain foundational knowledge preparing you to create your own interactive worlds.
First, you will install Unity and explore the LEGO® Microgame. Then you will work on and customize a classic 2D platformer. Finally, you will modify and customize a Kart Racing game all while mastering the basics of Unity. Unity Essentials Live begins Monday, March 22 at 9am PT and runs Mondays and Thursdays through April 1st.
Project Objective
By the end of this series, you will:
  • Install Unity and created your own Unity ID
  • Create and mod 3 Micro-games of various game types
  • Learn how to navigate the Unity interface
  • Understand the power of Unity and what it can be used to create
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Last updated: March 11, 2021