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Lighting optimization with Precomputed Realtime GI

+300 XP
3 Hours30 Mins
This project will guide you through lighting optimization with Precomputed Realtime GI for Unity 2019.4 LTS. You’ll practice optimization workflows and review model examples to explore the benefits optimization offers your own projects.
Project Objective
By the end of this project, you will be able to:
  • Determine an appropriate lighting resolution for scenes
  • Explain what Charts are and how they affect precompute times
  • Launch the precompute process
  • Reduce the complexity of your lighting solution using probe lighting
  • Improve the auto-unwrapped UVs generated by Unity’s Precomputed Realtime GI
  • Explain what Clusters are and how they are used to generate globally illuminated lighting
  • Fine-tune your lighting on a per-object basis using Lightmap Parameters
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Last updated: September 06, 2021
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