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AR Development: Training Apps and Remote Assistance

+300 XP
14 Hours30 Mins
In today's workplace, on-the-job training and guidance are critically important. AR is well suited to help meet these needs where it can overlay tutorials onto equipment, provide on-demand demonstrations on key procedures, and help reduce the occurence of human error.
In this course titled AR Development: Training Apps and Remote Assistance, you'll first learn how to create realistic assets and prepare them for use on the Microsoft Hololens device. Next, you'll learn how to create highly realistic and immersive augmented scenes by manipulating features like lighting, materials and textures, object animations, and post-processing effects. After polishing the look of your project, you'll learn how to implement interactive menus and instructional interfaces to walk users through maintenance, usage, and repair procedures. Finally, you'll learn how to Incorporate informational media, such as audio, video, text and images, to increase informational delivery and enhance your users' augmented experience.
After completing this course, you'll have a solid understanding of how Unity can be used to develop AR applications to help meet the needs of your organization for training and remote assistance.