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Basic Reflect Customization

+300 XP
5 Hours40 Mins
Picking up where Getting Started with Reflect left off, Basic Reflect Customization is a course designed for Unity developers who are ready to integrate Reflect into their development pipelines. The course begins by deep diving into the anatomy of the Reflect viewer out of the box before moving into how to make simple customizations to match the look and feel of a company's existing branding. Learners will then explore how to add some of the most asked for functionality to the default viewer, including creating construction sequences, adjusting model materials, and changing the time of day. The course will close with instruction on how to publish to different platforms, including mobile and VR.
Don’t have Reflect yet? You can request a free 14-day trial by filling out the form here. The Reflect trial will give you access to everything you need to work your way through the course content.
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Last updated: May 28, 2020