Beginning 2D Game Development
17 Hours45 Mins
Begin your 2D journey in Unity, start with the 2D Game Kit and move on through to make your first 2D Game from scratch!
Develop Core Unity Skills
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify key features of the Unity 2D toolset
  • Produce basic animated sequences
  • Use the Sprite Editor to slice Sprite Sheets for use in a Scene
  • Apply 2D colliders for Physics interactions
  • Configure Prefabs for use throughout a Scene
  • Create animations
  • Develop 2D game mechanics
  • Use scripts to implement gameplay
  • Configure a Cinemachine camera to create a follow camera
  • Build a simple UI to display gameplay behavior
  • Publish a game for PC and Mac
This course puts you one step closer to considering becoming a Unity Certified Associate Exam and thinking about a future career as a Junior Artist/Designer, Junior Animator, Junior Developer, and Junior Programmer/Analyst. There is still a lot to learn about being a Unity Creator - to help you continue on the path of being career ready a great next step is the Beginning 3D Game Development or the Beginner Scripting course.
Topics we'll cover