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VR Development: Build a Full Construction Site Tour
18 Hours55 Mins
Turn concept into reality with this course on virtual reality (VR) for construction visualization and planning! This course equips you with a robust toolkit of skills for the Unity 3D engine. Learn how to build and use virtual reality during the pre-construction planning phase to evaluate logistics and safety hazards, familiarize work crews with the site, and communicate design and engineering decisions with clients and stakeholders.
Throughout this course, you will learn how to build your own VR applications with Unity for immersive construction site pre-visualization, logistics planning, and safety issue identification.
Develop Core Unity Skills
We provide practical, hands-on training with Unity to teach skills necessary to build world-class Virtual and Augmented Reality applications, immersive technologies used by the most advanced and progressive companies in the world. 
In this course, you’ll learn to:
  • Create a realistic, virtual tour of a large construction site in VR to win a bid, align on project management and logistics planning, or identify and mitigate key safety considerations.
  • Create highly realistic and immersive virtual scenes by manipulating features like lighting, materials and textures, object animations (such as trucks and cranes), and post-processing effects.
  • Implement interactable menus and minimaps, to change objects and lighting in the construction site, in addition to move to different points of interest.
  • Incorporate informational media, such as audio, video, text and images, to increase informational delivery and enhance your users’ virtual experience.
Topics we'll cover