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Create with Code Live - Summer 2020

30 Hours
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Join us for Create with Code Live, a free, four-week course that’ll teach you foundational skills in Unity, C# programming, and game design through a mix of self-paced learning and live instruction. Gain the skills to get Unity Certified.
Register now (register one time to be enrolled in the entire course). Course starts July 13 and runs through August 7.
  • Each week, spend up to five hours working through the Create with Code course independently.
  • Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, join us for the live portion of the course starting at 9am PT. These hour-long virtual sessions are an opportunity for you to ask questions, get feedback, and work through any roadblocks you’ll have encountered while working independently. Session recordings will be posted for those unable to attend live.
  • Optionally, after the course concludes on August 7, you’re invited to continue joining us on Wednesdays for live sessions through September 9.
*The Create with Code curriculum is aligned to ISTE Standards for computer science education.
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Last updated: June 26, 2020
Topics we'll cover
Create with Code Live - Summer 2020