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Create with Code

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36 Hours30 Mins
For Educators
Educator Plan
In this introductory course, students will use Unity to learn the fundamentals of programming in the context of creating their own projects. During the course, they will create several prototypes along with the instructor, manage a larger personal project more independently, and complete challenges and quizzes along the way to solidify and expand their new knowledge. The skills that they learn will align with the learning objectives from the Unity Certified User exam, providing them with a foundational understanding of Unity and C# programming, preparing them for certification. In addition to these core technical competencies, students will learn how to manage a project from start to finish: coming up with a concept, creating a project plan, prioritizing tasks, and hitting milestones. By the end of the course, students will have the confidence that, given enough time and resources, they can create anything they want with Unity and C#.
Learning objectives
C# Skills:
  • You will gain a foundational knowledge of programming in C# and will feel confident that you can bring new features into existence with this knowledge
Unity Skills:
  • You will have the confidence that, given enough time and resources, you can create anything you want in Unity
Project Management:
  • As you will be creating and managing your own personal projects throughout this course, you will understand how to manage a project from start to finish, including outlining your concept, setting project milestones, and tracking progress.
Unity Certified User Exam:
  • Should you choose, you will have the skills and confidence to pass the Unity Certified User exam, earning an official certificate validating their skills
Educators who want to bring this curriculum into their classroom should complete the short Teacher Training course first.
Age range
13 and Above