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Foundations: Introduction to Unity and real-time creation

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Welcome to Unity Foundations, a course created for users who are just getting started with Unity. Whether you've never even downloaded the engine before, or you've begun tinkering but aren't sure where to start your learning, you're in the right place! This course is designed to be industry agnostic, so everything you learn will apply to you regardless of how you eventually plan to use Unity.
There are two courses to get you started:
  • This course, Introduction to Unity and real-time creation, introduces key terms and essential concepts. It will give you context about what Unity is and why it's the right tool for your creative endeavors.
  • The other course, Create with Unity, is practical application in which you will download the Editor, create your first project, and begin building content.
We encourage you to take both courses, so that you can see where you can take Unity and where Unity can take you.
Then, we will point you to Learn with Unity, where you can plan your learning journey based on what you have discovered here.