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Getting Started with Reflect

+300 XP
3 Hours
Welcome to Getting Started with Reflect! This course is designed to be the first point of reference for users who have just purchased or are evaluating Unity Reflect, the one click real-time 3D solution developed specifically for the AEC industry. Don’t have Reflect yet? You can request a free 14-day trial by filling out the form here. The Reflect trial will give you access to everything you need to work your way through the course content.
By taking this course, you will gain a full understanding of Reflect as a product, and how it can be used to improve production pipelines in your day to day work. You’ll learn about Reflect hardware and software requirements, how to use the viewer on all released platforms, and how to use Reflect to import content into Unity to start building your own custom projects. By the time you’ve completed the two projects, you’ll have all the skills you need to begin integrating Reflect into your regular work!