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Preparing CAD Assets for Unity with PiXYZ Studio--Companion Tutorials (2019.3)

9 Hours5 Mins
These Companion Tutorials are related to the activities of this instructor-led Workshop. These Tutorials will refresh your memory as you apply new skills to your own projects. Come back to these Tutorials as a reference as you proceed through your learning journey with Unity.
Using workshop assets, or assets of your own, use these Tutorials to get acquainted with using PiXYZ Studio to prepare CAD assets for use in the Unity Engine. You’ll learn how to assess your model for necessary cleanup, adjust the model hierarchy for ease of use in Unity and for rigging purposes, and how to properly generate a Unity-friendly mesh. With your mesh preparation complete, you’ll learn how to import the clean mesh into Unity and apply HDRP materials. You’ll also learn how to create simple animation sequences, such as opening a door.