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Real-time Animated Storytelling

+900 XP
25 Hours
For Educators
Educator Plan
In this introductory course from Unity, students will learn to create an animated Scene as they develop movie-making skills. During the course, students will progress through a series of Units with the instructor and practice their new skills with provided example projects. They will complete Creative Challenges and Quizzes for each of the Units to solidify and expand their learning.
Students will learn how to create Scenes, design sets, animate characters, move cameras, set up lighting, create special effects, add audio, add titles, and render their work — all without having to write a single line of code. The foundational skills they’ll develop around 3D modeling, environment creation, animation, and cinematography align with technical objectives and best practices employed by proficient Unity developers. Students will progress from being beginners with little or no experience to capable Unity developers. By the end of the course, they will be presented with a Final Project challenge to create an open-ended personal project that demonstrates their new Unity skills. Students will then be ready to confidently apply those skills to create their own animated movie.
Age range
13 and Above