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Technical Character Animation Features--Companion Tutorials (2019.1 i)

2 Hours15 Mins
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These Companion Tutorials are related to the activities of this instructor-led Workshop. These Tutorials will refresh your memory as you apply new skills to your own projects. Come back to these Tutorials as a reference as you proceed through your learning journey with Unity.
Using workshop assets, or assets of your own, use these Tutorials to explore the technical aspects of working with 3D character models in Unity, with a focus on optimized development for mobile platforms. You will gain an understanding of skinned meshes, bone and vertex limits, and blend shape configuration. These tutorials demonstrate the process of importing and properly configuring a fully rigged and animated character model, complete with blendshapes. With the character configured, you will move on to learn about Unity’s physics system, and how to apply it for applications such as rag dolls.
Topics we'll cover
Technical Character Animation Features--Companion Tutorials (2019.1 i)