Unity Basics
7 Hours55 Mins
Start here if this is your first time exploring Unity. Learn about Unity's interface and dive in to codeless projects.
Develop Core Unity Skills
By the end of this course you will:
  • Know how to navigate in the Unity Editor
  • Configure Unity projects for 2D and 3D development
  • Identify key features of the Unity 2D and 3D toolsets
  • Develop game mechanics
  • Identify stages of the game development process
This is just the beginning of your journey of creating with Unity. Now that you're comfortable with the Engine and overall game mechanics and development, a great next step to unlocking the power of the Unity Engine is to being to learn the fundamentals of C# with the Beginner Scripting course. Or go deeper with your game development skills and take the Beginning 2D Game Development or the Beginning 3D Game Development course.
Topics we'll cover