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Unity C# Survival Guide

22 Hours45 Mins
Have you been struggling to learn how to code in C# with Unity? If so, you have found the course you’ve been searching for! This course is designed for beginners and advanced or professional programmers alike.
For beginners, sequential completion of the lessons is recommended, as it will teach you the basics of coding using interactive challenges and problem solving techniques. The course progresses in difficulty. Upon completion, you will have gone from a novice C# developer to an advanced, job ready, C# developer.
For advanced or professional coders, this course is meant as a reference guide to help you survive in the workplace. Rusty on delegates and events? Check out the section of this course that focuses exclusively on them, and teaches you how to implement them into your projects. For seasoned coders, sequential progression through the course is not necessary; The Unity C# Survival Guide is flexible, allowing you to use it for your specific needs.
Topics we'll cover