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Unity for Educators: A Beginner's Guide

+600 XP
14 Hours
For Educators
Educator Plan
Designed for post-secondary and K-12 educators at accredited academic institutions teaching Unity in the classroom, the Unity Educator plan provides you with free access to the same real-time 3D development tools used by professionals to support your students.Included in this plan are Unity Pro, cloud-based collaboration, cloud build, free Unity assets, and much more!
Learning outcome
The Unity for Educators course provides training, support, community, and resources for all educators so that they may successfully teach Unity, the industry-leading tool for interactive design and development that spans across disciplines, like game development, AR, VR, media & entertainment, architecture, engineering, construction, design, training simulations, and more.
Learning objectives
Know what Unity is and why it’s important to teach and learn Unity
  • Understand the value of realtime 3D technology for making interactive and immersive digital experiences, and recognize its potential across industries and subject areas
  • Identify the benefits to students of:
  • Soft skills (collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking)
  • Growth mindset
  • Independent learning skills
  • Project planning and prototyping
  • Identify real-world Unity careers across a variety of industries
Navigate and utilize the Unity Learn ecosystem
  • Understand the Unity Learn platform and where to find relevant educator materials
  • Identify the learning path most relevant to your goals
  • Recognize ways the Unity educator community can support your learning
  • Understand Unity licenses and certifications
Develop a teaching plan for integrating Unity into your classroom, program or curricula, and drive active use
  • Plan how to adapt existing Unity projects to your context
  • Consider the technical implementation of Unity
  • Evaluate strategies, best practices, and pedagogical approaches when introducing Unity to your context
Become confident with Unity software
  • Create your own 3D interactive project with Unity
Age range
13 and Above