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Beginner Art: Unity Game Dev Course

+300 XP
12 Hours20 Mins
Game development contains a broad range of disciplines. Now that you are familiar with the Unity Game Engine, you need art assets to deliver the vision of your next brilliant game. This course takes you through the asset creation pipeline and teaches you how to design character concepts, model from those concepts, create your game-ready mesh and finally texture a character. This course also guides you through similar pipelines for creating props and environment assets. Once you have the character and props, you will learn the basics of bringing these characters to life through rigging and animation. By the end of this course, you will feel comfortable with working through the game development art pipeline, with the various tools involved, and you will be ready to take your game development to the next level.
To access the the assets used for this course, click the blue "Project Materials" tab within each project or tutorial.
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Last updated: November 05, 2019