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Created: November 30, 2021
Mission Version 1.0


+600 XP
The world around you is in constant motion. The same is true for digital worlds. A static environment tends to appear unfinished, or cold and unfeeling; animation is all about creating the illusion of life.
In this mission, you will learn how to create animations in the Unity editor and how to configure animations imported from an external program. You’ll apply these concepts to add animation to objects and characters in your scenes, and even control when the animation gets played.
By the end of this mission, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe the relationship between different animation components
  • Create simple keyframed 3D animation sequences
  • Describe key components of an animator controller
  • Configure Animation Clips imported from digital content creation (DCC) software or the Asset Store for use in a project
  • Configure a humanoid rig for use with the Humanoid Animation system

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