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Created: February 23, 2023
Mission Version 2.0

AR markers and planes

+300 XP
In this learning experience, you will create AR apps that respond to the user’s physical environment.
First you’ll make a marker-based app, where the device recognizes a specific image and projects an interactive 3D model on top of it.
Then you’ll make an app that detects flat surfaces, and allows the user to spawn a portal on their desk, floor, or wall.
Anchoring AR content to real-world objects like markers and flat surfaces produces more compelling, grounded, and immersive AR experiences.
By the end of this learning experience, you’ll be able to do the following:
  • Implement image marker tracking in AR.
  • Implement plane detection in AR.
  • Implement screen space and world space UI in AR apps.
  • Add spatial audio in AR.
  • Assess the performance of an AR app.
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