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Created: November 30, 2021
Mission Version 3.0


+600 XP
Before you get caught up in developing your dream project, it’s important to start a little smaller and create a prototype. Prototyping gives you the opportunity to work out what should really be at the heart of the real-time experience you want to make and to test out different approaches to achieve that.
In this mission, you’ll learn about some different approaches to prototyping and explore an example we’ve created as you work on your own prototype. This learning experience is about process rather than a set outcome; if you’re new to prototyping, we hope you’ll find something useful no matter what you want to create!
By the time you complete this learning experience, you’ll be able to:
  • Determine the appropriate prototyping approach for a specific project
  • Decide the critical project features required in order to create a functional prototype
  • Create a functional prototype in Unity
  • Integrate external assets and tools into your prototype
  • Refine a prototype environment using ProBuilder and Terrain
  • Test a basic experience prototype

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