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Created: November 25, 2021
Mission Version 2.0

Shaders and materials

+600 XP
Shaders and materials let you define how your 3D objects look: their colors, reflectivity, and physical texture. With shaders and materials, you can bring realism into your projects or express your own artistic style.
In this mission, you will explore concepts of light and reflection, including common terms that many 3D artists use every day. You’ll apply these concepts to create your own materials and shaders that simulate real-world objects — and even some other-worldly objects. You’ll complete this mission by creating a still life composition in which you can demonstrate a variety of shaders and materials.
By the time you complete this learning experience, you will be able to:
  • Explain how surfaces in Unity are defined and rendered.
  • Select a type of shader for your own project.
  • Create materials for a common shader, using a wide variety of properties.
  • Create your own simple shader using Shader Graph.

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