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Created: October 02, 2020
Mission Version 2.0

Explore Unity

+600 XP
Please note: We have updated this pathway. If you would like to instead work through the newly updated version, click here.
This Mission is an exploration of the roles and career paths of a Unity creator. You’ll learn how Unity is used (it’s more than just games!), who creates with it, and what roles those creators take. You will sample the tasks that are essential to Unity creators in several key roles.
This Mission is part of the Unity Essentials Pathway. If you haven’t completed previous Missions, select Pathways in the Unity Learn navigation menu, and then select Unity Essentials Pathway for the complete learning experience.
In this Mission, you’ll:
  • Learn what Unity is and how it’s used.
  • Explore the different roles available for hobbyists and professionals who create with Unity in different industries.
  • Create simple 2D and 3D real-time experiences from scratch to develop your understanding of the Unity Editor and the roles of Unity creators.

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