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Asset Management with FBX Exporter, ProBuilder, and PolyBrush

+600 XP
5 Hours45 Mins
In this project you will work through a series of tutorials to build an architectural visualization of a kitchen. You will use ProBuilder and PolyBrush to quickly gray box a kitchen before using the FBX Exporter to export the asset from Unity to Maya or 3DS Max.
Project Objective
By the end of this project you will:
  • Setup ProBuilder, PolyBrush, and FBX Exporter
  • Use the Poly Shape Tool to build objects
  • Modify vertices, edges, and faces using ProBuilder
  • Modify UVs using ProBuilder's UV Editor
  • Sculpt, paint, and scatter objects using PolyBrush
  • Work with FBX Exporter to polish and refine the model in Maya
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