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Setting your mobile game up for success

+20 XP
1 Hour20 Mins
In this project designed for indie developers, you will learn how to start building your mobile game into a successful business. This includes an overview of the current competitive landscape, the key development phases, and the tools and services needed to achieve success.
In this project aimed at the concept/pre-production stage of development, we’ll explore how to qualify your game and plan fundamental business features. This includes a high-level introduction to market analysis, competitor research, and how to start thinking about player engagement and retention early on.
Project Objective
By the end of this project you will have a strong understanding of what you need to achieve in the pre-production stage to set your game up for success. We’ll explore how to identify a niche for your game, look at competitors, and perform market research. We will also outline the best ways to plan future player retention and engagement methods.