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Create with Code - Unit 3: Sounds & Effects

7 Hours
In this Unit, you will program a fast-paced endless side-scrolling runner game where the player needs to time jumps over oncoming obstacles to avoid crashing. In creating this prototype, you will learn how to add music and sound effects, completely transforming the experience of your projects. You will also learn how to create dynamic endless repeating backgrounds, which are critical for any side-scrolling games. Finally, you will learn to incorporate particle effects like splatters and explosions, which make your games so much more satisfying to play.
Project Objective
By the end of this unit, you will be able to:
  • Use GameObject.Find and GetComponent to manipulate the components of the current or other game objects
  • Tweak the gravity of your project with Physics.gravity and use ForceModes to apply forces in different ways
  • Utilize new operators like “&&” and bool variables to better control game logic
  • Freeze or constrain the RigidBody component to halt movement on certain axes
  • Use tags to label game objects and call them in the code
  • Use script communication to access the methods and variables of other scripts
  • Manage animation states in the Animator Controller, including adjusting the states’ parameters and default state
  • Use SetTrigger, SetBool, and SetInt methods to trigger transitions between animation states
  • Stop and play particle effects to correspond with character animation states
  • Work with Audio Sources and Listeners to play background music
  • Add sound effects to add polish to your project
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Last updated: June 10, 2020