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Get Ready, Get Set, Pokemon GO!

+300 XP
1 Hour35 Mins
In this project, we'll examine the technologies that led to another key moment in the history of XR—Pokemon GO—which brought Augmented Reality to the masses and made it a mainstream concept. We will highlight the technologies that AR and MR share in common with VR, and also cover additional technologies that only AR and MR use, and discuss the various AR and MR frameworks available for working with AR in Unity.
Project Objective
  • Describe the technologies related to AR and MR and explain how they are used
  • Go into more detail about holographic AR vs ‘in video AR,’ which is really MR
  • Describe what ‘spatial computing’ means
  • Describe specific features in Unity that allow you to work with AR and MR
  • Describe AR vendor SDKs and what is built into Unity Native API [TBD which ones]
  • Describe AR API features and which ones are supported by which SDKs
  • Determine what safety concerns an AR or MR app might have for users and bystanders
  • Describe how GPS can be used with mapping APIs to generate world scale AR/MR apps
  • Discuss what types of emerging AR UX paradigms you see in common apps
  • Create a visual representation of a software application such as a user flow diagram or wireframes.
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Last updated: October 15, 2019