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High Fidelity Game Visuals: Environment Artist

+60 XP
2 Hours15 Mins
This project focuses on the role of Environment Artist for Buried Memories: Serekh. It also includes the work done by the Level Designer to create a greybox prototype level.
In these tutorials, you will:
  • Explore the process of creating a prototype environment from concept art
  • Consider how to increase the visual fidelity of the environment in a modular way
  • Consider how to add polish and detail to the final environment
  • Apply your learning through creative challenges
This project is part of Buried Memories: High Fidelity Game Visuals.
Note: This course originally included exercise tutorials featuring Snaps assets, which are now deprecated. These exercises were removed from the course in July 2022, but all other course content remains available.
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Last updated: July 21, 2022
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