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Importing Assets into Unity with Reflect

+60 XP
45 Mins
Welcome to Importing Assets into Unity with Reflect, project 2 in the Getting Started with Reflect course. This project will guide you through the process of setting up Reflect in the editor and using it to import and maintain your project assets from outside tools such as Revit. By completing this project, you will have the skills you need to begin creating Unity projects with your assets.
Don’t have Reflect yet? You can request a free 14-day trial by filling out the form here. The Reflect trial will give you access to everything you need to work your way through this course.
Project Objective
  • Install the Reflect package in a Unity project
  • Configure Reflect for use in new and existing projects
  • Import CAD assets into Unity
  • Use Reflect to update imported assets so they always match the current design
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Last updated: February 08, 2022
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