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Inclusive design and accessibility

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2 Hours55 Mins
It can be very tempting to work on planning and creating your game straight away. That drive to bring an idea to life is a core part of being a creator, whatever your medium. However, if you take time now to explore the underlying principles of inclusive design and accessibility, you’ll give yourself a strong foundation as you work on your game. The principles are also deeply practical. Your work starts now!
Project Objective
In this project, you'll:
  • Describe inclusive design as a design methodology
  • Apply an inclusive design approach to an example scenario
  • Explain the relationship between accessibility and inclusive design
  • Evaluate the accessibility of a real-time experience
  • Explain the role of standards and guidelines in planning for development
  • Investigate an aspect of game accessibility related to your personal interests
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Last updated: August 08, 2022
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Inclusive design and accessibility overview
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