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Introduction to UI in Unity

7 Hours
This project will demonstrate the basics of building a responsive UI menu in Unity. You will build a desktop UI menu, learning principles that translate to mobile and VR UI development.
Specifically, you will build an interactive UI menu that scales with the screen size, complete with buttons, images, Textmesh Pro text, and other UI components to enable responsive UI behavior.
Project Objective
Learners will be able to:
  1. Build an interactive UI menu with buttons, images, and TextMesh Pro
  2. Incorporate UI transitions, such as animations and sprite swaps
  3. Configure the UI buttons to use Unity’s native functionality, such as activating GameObjects.
  4. Use design tools to create precise and responsive UI menus.
  5. Explore other UI interactive assets, such as Sliders, toggles, and more.
  6. Configure the UI buttons with custom functionality, using C# scripts
  7. Understand UI art asset best practices, particularly with Sprites.
  8. Understand the UI art workflow.
  9. Explore optimization best practices for Canvases.
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