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Introduction to VR Development in Unity

+60 XP
2 Hours20 Mins
The project will exemplify the core interaction and locomotion types (grab and teleportation) using the XR Interaction Toolkit, and setting it up in an office environment. Additionally, you will practice building an interactive UI using the toolkit as well.
Project Objective
By completing this project, you will be able to:
  • Setup the XR Interaction Toolkit.
  • Configure teleportation using the XR Interaction Toolkit as a locomotion method.
  • Configure grabbing mechanics
  • Setup user interfaces to use the XR Interaction Toolkit
  • Convert their projects to use the XR Interaction Toolkit
  • Identify a range of use cases for different VR interaction types
  • Compare the multiple types of head tracking found in common VR equipment and the Degrees of Freedom allowed by the equipment
  • Determine the components needed for a user to physically manipulate an object (e.g. grab an object, put an object in socket, etc.)
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Last updated: December 15, 2020