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Exploring Physics in Unity

4 Hours35 Mins
This Project will be used in the upcoming live session, Exploring Physics in Unity. Sign up here.
It contains a basic physics sandbox that has different shaped meshes, joints, and projectile launcher. This example project will serve as a physics sandbox allowing learners to explore the most commonly used physics interactions
Project Objective
Learners will be able to:
  • Describe which components are used to simulate physics in Unity
  • Discuss the properties of the RigidBody, Colliders, and Physics Materials
  • Differentiate the various physics joints
  • Apply RigidBody and Collider components to create physical based interactions
  • Configure physics joints components to simulate their real world counterparts.
  • Apply basic scripting principles to enable RigidBody settings like Gravity and IsKinematic and apply forces to objects
  • Apply basic scripting principles to detect triggers and collisions
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