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Maya to Unity Roundtrip - Companion Tutorials (2019.1)

+60 XP
3 Hours
These Companion Tutorials are related to the activities of this instructor-led Workshop. These Tutorials will refresh your memory as you apply new skills to your own projects. Come back to these Tutorials as a reference as you proceed through your learning journey with Unity.
Using workshop assets, or assets of your own, use these Tutorials to introduce yourself to best practices for creating models, textures, and materials in Maya and preparing them for use in the Unity Engine. You’ll work with texture maps to create physically-based materials in Unity, optimize a high-resolution mesh, make Level of Detail (LOD) meshes, and work with the FBX exporter pipeline to seamlessly connect Maya to Unity for importing and exporting.
Project Objective
Using these tutorials, you will be able to:
  • Prepare objects and settings in Maya for the best possible integration with Unity.
  • Unwrap object surfaces in two-dimensional space to create and lay out textures.
  • Use textures, materials, and lightmaps to create surface detail for visual realism in Unity.
  • Create optimized LOD meshes to improve application performance.
  • Export from Maya to Unity to enable further development in Unity.
  • Import and configure assets for use in Unity.
  • Refine the Maya-to-Unity pipeline with the FBX Exporter for round-tripping to improve workflows
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Last updated: March 03, 2020